Tips to Secure Your Apartment

Tips to Secure Your Apartment

Tips to Secure Your Apartment


Home is where the heart is, but it is also where your family, your possessions, and your peace of mind are. Whether you are a homeowner, a renter, or you are looking for apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC, you need to take measures to secure your home. The good news is that, by following some simple tips, you can deter burglars, prevent accidents, and ensure that your loved ones and your property are safe. In this blog post, we will share some practical advice that will help you improve your home security and enjoy your home to the fullest.


Lock it up

The most effective way to keep intruders out is to lock your doors and windows. Invest in high-quality locks and make sure they are installed properly. Keep your doors and windows locked, even when you are at home, and do not leave spare keys in obvious places like under the doormat or in a flower pot. Consider installing a deadbolt, a peephole, or a secondary lock, and always close and lock your garage door.

Light it up

Lighting is a simple yet effective way to enhance your home security. Install motion-activated lights in your yard, driveway, and front door, and leave some lights on when you are away to create the impression that someone is home. Consider using smart lights that you can control remotely or on a schedule. Make sure your address numbers are visible from the street and at night, so emergency responders can find your home quickly.

Alarm it up

If you are serious about home security, consider investing in a home security system. A good system should include an alarm, sensors, cameras, and monitoring. Choose a reputable provider and customize your system based on your specific needs and budget. Make sure to test your system regularly and notify your provider of any changes or issues.

Clean it up

A cluttered and unkempt home not only looks uninviting but also makes it easier for burglars to hide and find valuable items. Keep your yard, driveway, and porch clear of debris and overgrown vegetation. Trim your bushes and hedges to eliminate hiding places. Keep your garage and shed locked and tidy. Do not leave tools or ladders outside that can be used to break in. Keep your valuables out of plain sight and keep an inventory of them.

Smarten it up

Technology can help you secure your home in many ways. Consider using smart devices like smart locks, a video doorbell, or a smart thermostat that you can control remotely or with voice commands. Choose devices that are compatible with your smartphone, tablet, or voice assistant, and that have strong encryption and security features. Make sure to update their firmware and change your passwords regularly.



Securing your home is not just a matter of locking your doors and windows. It is a comprehensive and ongoing effort that requires vigilance, awareness, and preparation. By following the tips we shared in this blog post, you can improve your home security and enjoy your home to the fullest. Remember that home security is not a one-and-done task, but a continuous process of evaluation, adjustment, and maintenance. Stay informed, stay safe, and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of your home. And if you are looking for apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC, contact Beaumont Oaks today to schedule a personal tour of our beautiful and secure community.

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