Things to Consider Before Renewing a Lease Agreement

Things to Consider Before Renewing a Lease Agreement

Things to Consider Before Renewing a Lease Agreement


As a renter, the lease agreement serves as one of the most essential documents that outlines the terms and conditions for your stay in the rental property. While leasing agreements come in different shapes and sizes, most rental agreements usually span for an average of one year. As a renter, it can seem easy to jump on the option to renew your lease agreement when it is time to. However, it is essential to take a moment and consider whether renewing is the best option for you in the long run. In this blog post, we will look at some of the crucial elements you should consider before deciding on renewing your lease agreement.


1. Changes in Your Living Needs

The first factor you should consider before renewing a lease agreement is whether your living needs have changed. Perhaps you have landed a new job in another city, want to transition to a different living arrangement, or you have outgrown your current space. Whatever your reason, it's imperative to consider whether renewing a lease agreement is the right move or whether it is time to look for a new home. Sometimes, renewal is not always the best option, and that's okay.

2. The Condition of the Property

Another critical factor to consider when renewing your rental lease agreement is the state of the rental property. If you have been living in the property for a while, you are probably familiar with its condition, the issues, and whether the rental unit is being well-maintained. If you have experienced any ongoing problems that make your stay uncomfortable, it's worth considering whether you want to commit to another year in that property. If your landlord has been responsive, and the property has been kept in excellent condition, renewal can be a viable option.

3. Cost

The cost of the rental unit is a crucial factor to evaluate before making any decisions on renewing a lease agreement. Most landlords can increase the rental amount periodically, and if you have been in the property for a while, your lease may not reflect the current market rates. Before committing to a renewal, ensure you compare the rental rates to similar properties and market trends to determine whether you are getting a fair deal. If your cost is set to increase, you may want to weigh it against what other properties offer before making a final decision.

4. Lifestyle Changes

Another crucial element to take into account before renewing your lease agreement is lifestyle changes. Do you have a new roommate moving in on a different lease, or are you deciding to move in with a significant other? Are you considering getting a pet or starting a home business? These lifestyle changes may require a modification of your lease agreement and are important to discuss with your landlord before making a long-term commitment.

5. The Landlord/Tenant Relationship

Finally, before renewing your lease agreement, it is worth evaluating the landlord-tenant relationship. A healthy relationship with your landlord often makes your stay more comfortable. If you have experienced problems with your landlord over the past year, it's worth considering whether you want to commit to another year with them. However, if you have a healthy relationship, your landlord listens to your concerns and respects your privacy, renewal is a great option.



Renewing a lease agreement can seem like the easy next step, but it is crucial to pause, assess your situation and consider your options before making a long-term commitment. When evaluating whether to renew or not, think about changes in your living needs, the condition of the property, cost, lifestyle changes, and your landlord-tenant relationship. By assessing these factors, you will be equipped to make a well-informed decision that meets your needs and is in your best interest. If you are looking for rentals in Wilmington, NC, contact Beaumont Oaks at Porters Neck for a personalized tour of their facilities today.

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