How to Elevate Your Space with Decor

How to Elevate Your Space with Decor

How to Elevate Your Space with Decor

Are you tired of looking at the same old boring wall? Does your living room lack style or inspiration? Good news, there’s no need to tear down walls, repaint, or purchase all-new furniture to transform your space. Instead, simply elevate your space with some thoughtful decor. Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your home a little sprucing up with some interior design, this post will give you five tips on how to elevate your space with decor.


1. Start with a Solid Foundation

The foundation of great interior design begins with a well thought out plan. You should consider the colors you’ll use, layout of your furniture, and the mood you want to evoke. Your options are limitless, but make sure to stay true to your personal style and taste. You will also need to consider the lighting and how it plays a role in how your decor appears.

2. Use A Statement Piece of Artwork

Artwork is the perfect spot to display your personality and style, plus it helps elevate any room. Find large statement pieces that can stand and pull together a room. And if you’re on a budget, or prefer a personal touch, consider DIY art projects or a gallery wall of your favorite photos.

3. Accessorize in Threes and Fives

Odd numbers are far more pleasing to the eye than even. Groupings of accessories, whether it be candles on a table, books on bookshelves, or vases on mantle, should be displayed in a grouping of either threes or fives. When decorating with groups of items, avoid even numbers, as it tends to look too symmetrical and planned.

4. Incorporate Texture

A flat, feature-less room can appear uninviting. However, when you incorporate textures of different kinds, you create a visual interest. Consider pillows, rugs, throws, and window treatments. While mixing textures, ensure that the colors and materials work cohesively to create a cozy and comfortable living space.

5. Consider Different Heights

Layering your decor, with varying heights and depths objects, will give any room more dimension. Select items of different heights, such as lamps, vases, or plants. This allows your eye to easily scan the space and take in the room as whole, rather than viewing it through one plane.



Decorating is a chance to express your personal style, and when done thoughtfully, it can drastically enhance any living space. By following these five tips, you can transform any room with ease. Start building your foundation, add textures and statement art pieces, group items in odd numbers, and incorporate various heights to complete the space. With a little bit of time, effort, and creativity, you can elevate your space without spending a fortune or undertaking a massive renovation. If you're looking for a new rental apartment that you can elevate to the next level, contact Beaumont Oaks at Porters Neck today to schedule a personal tour of their luxury apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC.

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