Alternative Ways to Store Clothes & Shoes

Alternative Ways to Store Clothes & Shoes

Alternative Ways to Store Clothes & Shoes

Storing clothes and shoes can be a difficult task, especially if you live in an apartment with limited space. Your clothes and shoes require a lot of attention in order to keep them in good condition. Finding storage solutions that are both practical and space-saving can be challenging for many people. However, if you are willing to invest sometime and effort, there are many alternative ways to store your clothes and shoes that can solve your storage needs. In this blog post, we have compiled some alternative ways to store your clothes and shoes that can save space and keep your items in good condition.

1. Under bed storage

One of the most practical ways to save space and store your clothes and shoes is underbed storage. This type of storage can be achieved by either placing plastic bins or using storage boxes specifically designed for under bed use. Investing in a few under bed storage solutions can help you to store your seasonal clothing, shoes, and accessories that you don’t use very often. You can also label the boxes for easy identification when you need to retrieve your items.

2. Wall-mounted shelving

Wall-mounted shelving is a great way to store shoes without taking up too much floor space. You can mount a few shelves on the wall and line up your shoes in an orderly fashion. This method can help you to keep your shoes organized and within reach. Wall-mounted shelving can also be used to store folded clothes, hats, bags as well as other accessories.

3. Door-mounted organizers

Another alternative storage solution that can save a lot of floor space are door-mounted organizers. You can use hanging organizers to store your shoes, bags, scarves, and even small items such as belts, ties, and jewelry. This type of storage is also great for storing folded clothes that you’d like to keep within reach.

4. Clothing racks

Clothes racks are an inexpensive storage solution for people who have a limited closet space or for those who want to create a more open, aesthetic look. You can use clothes racks to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories neatly by grouping them by style, color, or occasion. This method is ideal for people who prefer to have their clothes within reach and visible.

5. Multi-functional furniture

Finally, investing in multi-functional furniture such as ottomans, benches, and storage beds can help you to manage your clothes and shoes storage needs. These furniture pieces are designed to provide extra seating, comfortable sleep, and storage. You can store your clothes and shoes in hidden compartments and drawers that are incorporated into the design of the furniture.



Finding alternative storage solutions for your clothes and shoes does not have to be difficult. By investing in some simple storage solutions, you can keep your items organized, in good condition, and within reach. Try out some of the alternative storage methods that we have outlined in this blog post, to help you maximize your space and make your apartment feel more organized. If you need any assistance in finding an apartment for rent in Wilmington, NC with ample storage space, contact Beaumont Oaks at Porters Neck today to schedule a personal tour.

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